Lake Powell

Just because your houseboat is old doesn't mean it can't look great! With a new top, carpet, sun screens, and railing covers your house boat can feel brand new.



Upholstery is a lost art and a craft that needs a steady, seasoned hand at the forefront. Our team has over two decades of experience and takes great pride in making sure your boat looks as good on the inside as it does on the outside.


Folding Canopy Top

Our Folding Canopy Top is our most popular top and provides the most shade you can get with a tower. The FCT utilizes a simple tower mounted folding design that allows for easy collapse and convenient storage of the top with a neat clean look.


Most Recent Projects

Houseboat Top Fabric Options

“What fabric do you use?”

That’s a question that we hear a lot, but the answer isn’t always the same. There are a few diff...

New Option For Your Lake Powell House Boat Big Top

Last year, while down at Antelope Point Marina doing our winter estimates (which entails going from boat to boat...

New Folding Canopy Top for the Centurion w/ Tower

We have been working on this new concept for a while now and are very excited about it. We are still in the prototyping...


Malibu Wake Setter Cinch Cover

I personally think the Cinch Cover is the best looking cover we make. It has also been the cover that has evolved the most...

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